Increase in-person sales while providing seamless and safe order delivery

Curbside Pickup provides Merchants a fast and easy way to pivot delivery operations while limiting in-person contact within brick and mortar locations.

No more holds, busy or unanswered curbside calls

Enable Merchants to communicate directly with customers via 1:1 text messaging, from order placement through in-person pick up.

How it works:

Customers place orders online or by phone

When their order is ready, Merchants send a text alert from the Curbside dashboard with details and directions for pick up

Upon arrival, Customers text their location to the Merchant, their order is delivered to their car and closed within the Curbside queue

Go Beyond Delivery

Curbside Pickup can also be used in other scenarios in which Merchants need to control customer flow within physical locations, such as waitlists and virtual queuing.

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